Friday, January 13, 2012

Tool #8

1. I learned that Net books are basically just smaller, handier laptops.  I learned how to take photos and videos on Net books.  The benefit of this over the iPad 2 is that it has a projector port, so students could just plug right in and present different information to the class.  I also learned that students will no be able to use them if they & their parents have not signed the usage form at the beginning of the year.  I have an iPad so most of the info I learned was familiar to me.  All teachers have to have separate iTunes accounts from their own personal account.  The creation of podcasts, using FaceTime and countless other apps is really going to enhance & engage learning in the classroom.  I {LOVE} that the kids iPads will be synchronized to my laptop so that I can monitor what they are doing to ensure they are on-task.

2. I plan on setting ground rules & expectations for use of the Net books & iPads. We will discuss the synchronization and make them aware that I will be monitoring what sites they are visiting and making sure they are on-task.  I also plan on implementing one lab group per week that will be in charge of making sure the iPads and Net books are returned/stored in the proper manner.  

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  1. Good point about attaching a data projector to a netbook - talk about instant presentation! I'm sure you will have no problems integrating the iPads or netbooks into your classroom routine.