Friday, January 13, 2012

Tool #4

Julie & I worked on information about Tool #9 together, shared it with each other only initially and then once we were finished, we shared it with several other science teachers.  This would be great for lesson planning/tweaking.  I have already used this some in my classes.  Last semester, my students did a project on genetic disorders.  They would use Google Docs to create a presentation, share it with their partner while they are working on it and then finally, they had to share it with me.  I used the comments feature while grading and the kids had immediate feedback.  It worked perfectly!  

I created a form with 2 goofy questions and shared with two other teachers.  This would be great for quizzes, checking for understanding or even for student-generated quizzes or warm-ups.

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  1. goofy or not - it really does work, doesn't it? I'm so glad you're getting into Google Docs - it really does make their lives easier.